Meet, Mara! 


I'm pretty sure that I started my life with a magnifying glass and tweezers! I have always had a strong passion for keeping up with the latest beauty & fashion trends. Growing up, I found the most joy in helping others look their best and was the go-to friend to ask for help getting beatified before a date, event, or girl's night out! I was born in Romania and later moved to the U.S. to pursue my passion and one day achieve my "American dream" of owning a day spa. I have achieved my goals, and am now here to help you achieve your desired skincare goals! 

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Small Beginnings


Our Waxpert, Mara, was born in Bucuresti, Romania. Growing up, she loved cooking up recipes in the kitchen that would help improve her acne prone skin. Mara found great joy in discovering organic materials that can be used and consumed to help your skin glow and look healthy. She traveled all throughout Europe studying optimal techniques for hair removal and skincare treatments, in addition to discovering the finest materials to maintain youthful vibrant skin. Following all her studies and traveling, in the late 80's, it was finally time to pursue her dream of coming to America. Mara began her journey to becoming an aesthetics expert by enrolling in NYC's number one school for skincare, Christine Valmy and additionally attended the Berkowitz School of Laser and Electrolysis. After many years of mastering her craft, she had built an appreciable amount of clientele, and then finally opened up her own day spa in midtown Manhattan! Elite Day Spa was a dream come true for Mara. The day spa quickly became known as the BEST Brazilian Bikini waxing in New York City! Elite Day Spa would not have been a success without Mara's hard work, talent, selflessness, dedication, and the ability to train her staff to perform and provide excellent services. We now welcome you to meet the talent that has been hiding behind the scenes for the past 35 years!